Lucia Liencres

From the 28th of August to the 1st of September, 2017

The word yoga means  union. The purpose of yoga is the the union of body, soul and mind in order to find the happiness of living in the moment in in a conscious way.
Lucia Liencres together with Organic Sailing team created this wonderful retreat to combine the practice of yoga and healthy food with fun, disconnection and an unforgettable vacation. For that purpose we will offer you a yoga retreat and detox food aboard two exclusive catamarans that will sail along the coast of Formentera for 5 days, anchoring each night in a unique and different place. The program we designed includes several Daily yoga classes, healthy food workshops, excursions to idyllic enclaves inaccessible from land and much time to enjoy the crystal clear waters that this paradise island has to offer.
It will be 5 days of daily practice, delicious detoxifying food, starry skies, unforgettable sunsets from the sea, inspiring readings and talks, snorkeling, paddle surf, virgin beaches and Formentera markets. A retreat full of magical moments that you will never forget.


The “Greenboat”, a fantastic 54-foot sailboat with 5 double cabins designed taking into account its sustainability, the use of renewable energy and waste management. The catamaran is a new Nautitech 54.2 with all the comfort that an apartment could offer you.
On board you will enjoy a different vacation in an unequaled environment, sailing the best coves of the Pitusas, with ecological and detox food included and an endless amount of water toys (several SUP tables, snorkel equipment, wake board, knee board …). The catamaran comes with Organic Sailing team, Guillem the skipper and Amparo the sailor / cook. All the food used to prepare the meals during the retreat are 100% ecological, seasonal and mostly local.


Midori (sunreef 68) is a catamaran of a 21m length with 4 double cabins (+3 crew cabins) that’s unique in the world. Its interior is designed as a loft, something that’s never been seen before in the world of navigation: 300 square meters available for your use, an apartment on the sea. 360 degree views: Unlike any other boat, all of its walls are giant windows, which can also be gathered up to allow fresh air to pass and feel more intensely the experience of life at sea. The front area of the catamaran has a 50m2 lounge where you can sunbathe or take a bath in the Jacuzzi while you watch the stars, and 6 meters above the waterline Midori houses the best fly bridge of the islands: a huge 65m2 covered terrace where you can practice yoga or relax after a day at sea.
Midori is an exclusive catamaran, unique in the world, designed to give you the same comforts as a luxury apartment, but with the great difference of its perfect location: traveling by the best coves of the Mediterranean.

The retreat will take place on two different boats, Greenboat and Midori, two spectacular catamarans with which we will sail along the coast of Formentera. Each one will accommodate a maximum of 8 people so both the training and the stay on board will be very comfortable and exclusive. The program is the same for both catamarans except the activities highlighted in bold, which vary in schedule depending on the boat.
The on board cuisine at the Greenboat will be detoxifying, gluten-free, dairy- free, meat- free, and free of sugars or refined products. The cuisine on board the Midori will also be detoxifying, free of gluten, dairy, meats, sugars or refined products but in this case it will also be 100% raw and vegan. For those who want to venture into the fantastic world of Raw cuisine by the hand of one of the best chefs in this country.


– 4:00pm Boarding at an Ibiza cove close to the airport (to be defined)
– 5:00pm Reception, distribution of cabins and sharing the week program by the hosts. We will begin our sailing towards Formentera. If the weather allows us, we will anchor at Illetes, named one of the 10 best beaches in the world.
– 5:30pm GREENBOAT: “How to feed ourselves consciously and detoxify our organism after the excesses” Introductory talk on the energy of the food by Amparo de Miguel, health coach and sailor on the Greenboat.
– 5:30pm MIDORI: Introductory talk on vegan & raw food by Alex Pirla, raw & vegan chef of Midori.
– 6:45pm MIDORI: Sunset yoga on the Midori deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 8:00pm GREENBOAT: Sunset yoga on the Greenboat deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 9:30pm Welcome dinner on board of your catamaran.


– 7:30am Beach sunrise Yoga with Lucia Liencres
– 9:30am Detox breakfast
– 10:30am Free time in Illetes: water activities, walk on the beach …
– 12:00am: GREENBOAT: nutritional coaching workshop: how to design a healthy weekly menu that rejuvenates, detoxifies and maintains our ideal weight. With Amparo de Miguel, chef and health coach on the Greenboat.
– 12:00am: MIDORI: specific asanas workshop (arm balance, extensions, inverted …). The theme of the workshop will be decided according to the level of the retreat assistants.
– 3:00pm Lunch on board
– 4:30pm Nap, relax, readings or walk on the beach. FREE TIME!
– 6:30pm MIDORI: Sunset yoga on the Midori deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 7:45pm GREENBOAT: Sunset yoga on the Greenboat deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 9:30pm Free dinner in Formentera.


– 7:30am Beach sunrise yoga with Lucia Liencres
– 9:30am Breakfast and sailing to Cala Sahona.
– 11:00am Free time in Cala Sahona. We will discover its secret caves with the zodiac and/or Paddle boards. We will see the best corners of the island that are only accessible from the sea!!
– 2:30pm Lunch on board.
– 3:30pm Free time.
– 4:45pm MIDORI: yoga on the Midori deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 6:00pm GREENBOAT: yoga on the Greenboat deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 7:30pm OPTIONAL excursion on motorcycles to the market of the Mola, where in addition to being able to see the craftsmanship that is produced on the island, there will be live concerts. Free dinner on the island.


– 7:30am Beach sunrise yoga with Lucia Liencres
– 9:30am Breakfast and free time in Cala Sahona.
– 10:30am GREENBOAT: specific asanas workshop (arm balance, extensions, inverted …) The theme of the workshop will be decided according to the level of the retreat assistants.
– 10:30am MIDORI: vegan & raw kitchen workshop with the great chef Alex Pirla (Theme to be decided)
– 2:30pm Lunch on board
– 4:00pm Free time in Espalmador. Shore excursions to mud baths or to discover this private island, unique in the world.
– 6:30pm MIDORI: Sunset yoga on the Midori deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 7:45pm GREENBOAT: Sunset yoga on the Greenboat deck with Lucia Liencres.
– 9:00pm Farewell dinner in Espalmador, aboard the catamaran.


– 7:30am Beach sunrise yoga with Lucia Liencres
– 9:30am Breakfast
– 10:30am Free time
– 1:00pm sailing to ibiza
– 2:00pm lunch onbard
– 4:00pm Arrival ashore.

You will connect with your own body, you will understand how your organism works and thus you will know how to listen to the signals it sends you when there is an imbalance, before the disease develops.
– You will improve your flexibility and elasticity, which helps reduce body tension that causes very often poor posture and muscle pain.
– You will avoid loss of muscle mass, as you continue to practice, what has been learned. . We think that muscle weakness is inevitable with the pass of time, but it is not.
– You will leave aside the stress and all the harmful symptoms that it causes in your body : anxiety, hypertension…. Yoga reduces the levels of cortisol and adrenaline.
– With continuous practice you will improve bone health: yoga strengthens bones, which helps prevent osteoporosis.
– You will improve your blood circulation, venous return and lymphatic system, so you will feel your legs lighter by bringing more oxygen to the surrounding tissues. Little by little you will have less varicose veins and cellulite, as you will experience a correct elimination of the metabolic wastes.
– The quality of your sleep will improve
– You will have greater mental clarity and concentration.
You will begin to stop identifying with your ego, to improve your emotions to find the peace within you and to TRUST.

Lucía Liencres is a teacher of vinyasa yoga and she’s practicing asthanga. She studied law and spent her firsts professional years working in law and later in the insurance brokerage business. She arrived there like many others, without really questioning if it was what she wanted, whether that was her dharma or her true purpose in life. One day she decided to leave her comfort zone and gave her life a 180 degree turn.
She decided to train herself as a yoga teacher, without thinking about making a career out of it, but the changes she underwent within herself and how happy she felt each time she practiced it, gradually led her to giving more and more yoga classes until she finally left her last job and devote herself full-time to her true passion.
She has Yoga Alliance title (RYT400), yoga training for children with Christine Mc Ardle (RCYT200). She has a background as an Expert in Nutrition and Dietetic Planning from the UCM. She have gone to several meditation seminars and a course of Ayurveda (Indian medicine) and nutrition. Her yoga school on the Serrano street, 50 (Madrid) is attended by more than 150 students and she is developing a new online project with videos about yoga, meditation and nutrition in Spanish.

– Daily Yoga classes with Lucia Liencre. Each morning we’ll start the day with yoga on the beach, receiving the energy of the day, when there is still nobody on the beaches of the island, and in the afternoon, at early evening, we will also farewell the day with another yoga class, this time on the boat deck.
1 specific yoga workshop with Lucia Liencres,dedicated to the development of a type of asanas. (Depending on the group will decide whether it is arm balance, extensions, inverted …)
Healthy food workshops with Amparo de Miguel, Greenboat health coach and with Alex Pirla, raw & vegan chef on the Midori.
All breakfasts, lunches and dinners except for the 2 dinners that are indicated as free in the program. Organic Sailing is always cooking with fresh ingredients, 100% organic, and super foods, gluten free, dairy free, with no processed products and no meat.
Accommodation in cabins for 2 people, with double bed and private bathroom.
– Use of the water toys (SUP, donut, snorkel, wake board, knee board and dinghy to go to the beaches).
– Sailing through the best coves of Formentera, we will anchor every night on a different beach.

– Flights to Ibiza
– 2 dinners on the Island
– Bicycle or scooter rental in Formentera

GREENBOAT: : € 1,750 per person in double cabin shared with the accompanying guest. (€ 3,500 per cabin).

MIDORI: : € 3,500 per person in double cabin shared with the accompanying guest. (€ 7,000 per cabin).

Join this unique opportunity to discover the magic of the islands, the starry nights from the sailboat and a few dreamy days while you learn to practice yoga, detoxify your body and reconnect with yourself.

An unforgettable adventure!

NOTE: This program will be conducted in Spanish, but it´s available for English speakers too, as it will be yoga classes most of the time, the cooking classes can be translated if need it.