It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.
– Nicholas Sparks –



There’s something about water that draws and fascinates humanity since the old times.

It’s not coincidence that water is the primary ingredient for supporting life as we know it, along with air.

Mankind have strong emotional bonds while being in water presence. It could console us and intimidate us, inspire us and calm us.

In ancient times, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians understood the therapeutic properties of seawater,  recommending baths in it to their patients.

Many studies and researches have proven that the sea help us restoring our mental, physical and emotional well-being plus it strengthens the body inmune system, helping us avoiding the desease.


Modern society developed mostly in the cities promote stress and a constant sensory stimuli around us. Our brains need downtime, and being by the sea gives them a rest from overstimulation.
The sound around us and the visual input are simplified, comparing with the cities over-information.
When being on the water, our brains have a break because there’s less stimuli coming in, which helps them to achieve a meditative state.


Being by the sea induces a deeply state of calm and awareness. This state of mindfulness have many benefits for body and mind: relief from pain, depression and anxiety, lower stress levels, improve mental awareness, better sleep quality etc.
Living for a week in the sea is a deeply therapeutical experience, there you can let things go, the water always brings you a sense of peace that your soul embraces. Starring to the infinite sea you will understand the cycle of life, the rhythms of nature, the flow of your emotions and that everything goes by, but there will be always something more to live for.


The stunning views over the sea and undeveloped stretches of shore line will give you peace and harmony.
Your fantastic sailing boat or catamaran will be your house on the sea for the next few days. You will enjoy the turquoise crystal clear waters during the day and the starry skies at nights from this exclusive location.
During your holidays you’ll rest and disconnect for your daily hectic life and routines. You’ll have a lot of fun in your yacht , will love the islands secret landscapes, eat delicious local and organic meals , spot unforgettable sunsets and infinite starry skies. You’ll have inspiring readings and talks by the sea, snorkeling trips , paddle surfing time and you will love Ibiza’s unspoiled beaches and old village markets. A vacation full of magical moments that you will never forget.

Either if you rent a full boat or you come in a “ per cabin” holidays, you can combine your fun and relax vacation with a theme workshop onboard to get the most from your days by the sea.


If you want to experience a per cabin holidays, check out our workshop programs available according to your date preferences. You’ll be able to choose among a variety of yoga/ detox programs, Gastrosailing trips or our basic Organic Sailing holidays.

Just need to pick a family member or a friend and join a yacht with other 4/6 cabin bookers. Come as strangers, leave as friends. Per cabin holidays are a fantastic way to make new friendships that will last forever.

If your plan is renting a full boat for your family or friends holidays, we will offer you a wide variety of possible private workshops and/or daily classes, from yoga sessions to massage therapies onboard, from meditation workshops to ayurvedic lessons.

We collaborate with many healers and therapists of the islands, so we will create a bespoke experience according to your needs. You only have to decide your ideal holidays and we will make them happen.