Our premises are eating local, organic and seasonal



  • It has more flavor : food that needs to travel big distances are harvested too early in order to have enough time of freshness while it´s shipped to your local store. It doesn’t ripen on the tree but on a cold room.
  • It’s always seasonal. According to the season and the weather we can grow different kind of vegetables and fruits in each part of the world.
  • It has more nutrients: there’s a shorter time between harvest and your local store, so probably the nutrient value wont decreased.
  • It supports local economy: buying to local farmers we support the islands economy, allowing their people to reinvest in business and services for the community.


  • Avoid chemicals: pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are used in conventional agriculture remain in the food , therefor in your body.
  • Avoid antibiotics and growth hormones : organically raised animals have more space to move around and grow in a natural way, without needing drugs for keeping them healthy or growing as fast as the food-industry needs them to do it.
  • Preserve the environment: organic farming increases soil fertility, conserves water and reduce pollution using less energy.
  • Higher nutritional value: organic meat and milk have higher levels of certain nutrients likeomega 3 fatty acids, beyond others.
  • Avoid GMO : much non organic produce has been genetically modified to grow bigger, faster , with brightest colors and resisting pesticides or weather changes.


Our cooks are trained in healthy Mediterranean cuisine, with knowledge for preparing vegetarian/vegan meals and for satisfying any other nutritional requirements that you may have onboard.

Depending on your trip preferences, you’ll find a different food onboard.

In the full boat packages , you’ll be asked some weeks before your trip about your preferences , and together with your private cook you’ll be able to design or give him or her directions for satisfying your needs.

If you will enjoy the islands in a per cabin retreat, you will also get a questionnaire about food preferences, but the overall menu will be designed according to the group general standards. In any case we ALWAYS respect our premises: Delicious, locally sourced and organic meals will be cooked on board.

Give a break to your daily life, through the beauty of nature, the amazing views from your sailing boat and the healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Benefits of mediterranean diet:

  • Preserve your memory and prevent cognitive decline.
  • Reduce your risk for heart disease.
  • Strengthen your bones.
  • Manage diabetes and control blood sugar.
  • Fight depression
  • Protect against cancer.


We’ve chosen the best restaurants of the islands, from the most well known to the hidden gems of Ibiza and Formentera, from “pagès” cooking style (ibiza traditional food) to high class spanish cuisine, going through top japanese’s restaurants, healthy bars, tapas style spots or vegan cuisine.

There’s no doubt we have great chefs from all over the world with a top catering service in the islands, so prepare to experience a culinary fest anywhere you want to go.

In every trip you’ll be able to choose to what restaurants go. In our “per cabin” retreat, as the itinerary is fixed, we’ll offer you a couple of options every night. On the other hand if you have selected the “full boat” holidays, as you will choose the itinerary after discussing the best options with your captain and hostess, you’ll be able to select from all the islands restaurants in which ones you want to have your best culinary experiences.

Want more? Check out our gastrosailing trips!! designed for those foodies who want to combine the fun of the boatlife with tasting top local flavors, enjoying unique food and beverage products and highly rated culinary experiences.