We believe in a green future where the energy comes from renewable energy sources

With the use of this clean energies we can avoid the impact caused by gas extraction, coal mining, and harmful smog plus the most important, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, produced mostly by our consumption of electricity.

We shouldn’t forget that the world we live in depends each day more on electrical energy which is still based mostly in burning fossil fuels. We are finishing the resources of that fossil fuels, so even if we don’t pay attention to the fact that our air pollution is a huge problem, we have to change our energy sources because the ones we use right now wont last any more.

Fortunately more and more people are being aware of this fact and are understanding than this system of energy supplies isn’t sustainable on a long term basis.

If we want to combate climate change and limit its most devastating effects, we should stand up for clean energy development.


The most common reasons for going solar are two: cutting the energy costs and improving/protecting the environment, and using solar panels we can reduce our carbon footprint and make our energy system much more efficient.

On a boat the main purpose of using solar panels is to recharge the batteries, so we don’t need to turn on the engine periodically in order to run all the electronic system.

When this happens, our guests can charge their phones, tablets, and we can run the fridges, freezer and lights without having to turn on the engine for hours.

This gives an extra peace and quietness to the fleet of greenboats, as we can avoid having many hours the uncomfortable noise of the engine.

On the other hand , after installing solar panels in our boats the cost of maintenance has been drastically  reduced.


Sailing is inherently sustainable. Using wind to travel from island to island is the most environmentally friendly way to travel around the Balearic Islands. There is no noise pollution or engine emissions while sailing, so we try as much as possible to use the wind for sailing from one spot to the next one.

We love the destinations we sail and the people who live there.

By minimizing negative social, economic and environmental impacts, we hope to preserve these amazing destinations for generations to come.

To protect their futures, we use local labour and suppliers, biodegradable cleaning products and innovative products such as solar panels, LED lighting or windmill. Thanks to the windmill, we can store as well energy, so we combine the one we get from the solar panels with the one the wind provide us.


We are happy to announce that one new feature of Organic Sailing boats is that we are doing an extended research on electric energy systems for applying that new technology to our fleet.

This set up will power both , onboard batteries and propulsion, and will enable efficient use of amenities such as refrigeration and air conditioning.

On 2020 we will launch our first electric powered boat.

Some advantages that we have experienced since using renewable energies:

  • Self sustainability of the boats, eliminating and/or reducing the costs of fuel.
  • Reduction on the loading of the battery bank system.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Dramatic savings in the average daily demand of energy.

Using green renewable energy is the most important thing we can do to reduce our
impact on the environment.