Run by a passionate and fun-loving group of dreamers, we work efficiently together to deliver memorable and unique experiences for all our guests on our sailing yachts.

No matter what experience you choose or if its a full boat or per cabin retreat, the crew will always be the key factor in turning your holiday into the trip of a lifetime.

Organic Sailing crew members share a strong passion for the sea, sailing and hospitality. You will feel like in home with the most efficient and friendly service onboard.

They have strong skills and a unique personality. Detail – focused and highly professional profiles.

Each of them has a different background and a variety of life experiences, having sailed in many corners of the world.

With a strong local knowledge, your crew will be a fantastic guide for showing you the best bays, villages and nightlife of the islands.

Every trip is tailored to your specific preferences. In the “ full boat charters” this fact gets to its maximum exponent, but even in the “per cabin” retreats we will try yo accommodate all your requirements in order to make the most from your experience onboard.

Your crew’s main purpose is offering you a trip of a lifetime, so they will work carefully in every detail for achieving this goal: from selecting the best anchorage for an unforgettable sunset to delighting you with a restorative lunch onboard.

They will make your experience on Ibiza and Formentera truly magical. You will enjoy tremendously the islands and will find the sailing boat lovely and comfortable, but what will surprise you and will remain with you after leaving the boat is the special treatment and the hospitality you receive from our outstanding team.


All of our crew members are highly trained as a team to ensure the safety of the sailing boat and all of the passengers while sailing.
Of course we have no history of any accident on the sea, but you can rest peacefully knowing that your crew will be there taking care of you in the most professional way in case of anything happens.

Responsible Tourism

We aim for a a responsible tourism, so we try to make a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations we travel to. One of our missions is to perfect the personal leisure travel experience whilst at the same time, managing our activities in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Tourism is simply about making a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations we travel to by:

  • Respecting local cultures and the natural environment.
  • Buying local, giving fair economic returns to local families.
  • Recognizing that water and energy are precious resources that we need to use carefully.
  • Helping to protect endangered wildlife.
  • Protecting and enhancing favorite destinations for the future enjoyment of visitors and the people who live there.

Taking responsibility for our actions while enjoying ourselves