We chose carefully our crew members for their high qualifications and extraordinary customer service. All of them (skippers, hostesses and cooks) share a unique passion for sailing and hospitality and enjoy offering you a professional and friendly service.

Your crew’s highest goal is to offer you an unforgettable holiday and they will take care of all the details for achieving this purpose: from serving the most delicious meals onboard , to choosing the best anchorage for a lovely sunset, or taking you to an unbelievable snorkeling trip.


The Organic Sailing experience is not all about sailing, but supporting an overall healthy lifestyle. We believe in the renewing power of a holidays by the sea so our approach to facilitate a healthy lifestyle starts on our onboard kitchen: we prepare well balanced menus using always organic ingredients and super foods.Through the fusion of healthy meals and unspoiled nature, in harmony with sea and wind, you will be filled with new life energy.

Are you a foodie? check out the gastrosailing trips!


As humans, we leave an important footprint on the earth that we should minimize for the future of mankind . Using green renewable energy is the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.

Solar panels, windmills or electric engines. We believe in a green future for the world and we apply those technologies to our fleet.


Living for a week by the sea is a deeply therapeutical experience. There you can let things go, the water always brings you a sense of peace that your soul embraces. Starring to the infinite sea you will understand the cycle of life, the rhythms of nature, the flow of your emotions and that everything goes by, but there will be always something more to live for.

Joining a wellness & yoga program in a sailing boat its an experience you will never forget.