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August 2017 from Monday the 21st to Friday the25th

This 5 days retreat is the beginning of your healing and spiritual journey with Theta Healing®. One of the fast growing energy modalities in the world! It is highly versatile energy healing and personal development modality that empowers you for positive change while sailing at the Mediterranean sea.
The heart of this class is the practice of meditation and energy techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. And we want to support you with all the benefits of being sailing and in contact with the energy of the water , to make this class a unique experience in your life!
This course will open your intuitive centers and chakras as you connect to the Divine Source Energy for readings and healings. We will guide you through deep theta meditation to silence your mind and access your subconscious mind.

Are you ready?

The Greenboat is a fantastic sailboat with 54 feet along (17m) and 5 double cabins designed to be self-efficient using renovable energies and waste management onboard. The catamaran is a brand new Nautitech 54.2 with all the amenities that furnitured apartment could offer you.
Onboard this amazing boat you will have an unforgettabe holiday in an stunning environment, sailing along the unknown beaches from the Balearic Islands, having organic food and detox diet included and an endless water sports supplies (SUP boards, snorkel, wake board, knee board, …) The catamaran has the Organic Sailing team waiting for you, Guillem the captain and Amparo the health coach sailor. All the foods used to cook onboard are fresh, local and 100% organic.


– 16h Boarding at the South Area of Ibiza. Area closed to the Airport. (Location TBC)
– 17h Welcome. Introductions and Presentations by the personal onboard. Cabins assignment. Sailing to Formentera and if weather allow us we will stay overnigh in Illetes, one of the best 10 beach areas in the World.
– 17.30h Opening THETA HEALING® Basic DNA Class:Praying
Today you will learn and practice:
· Vianna Stibal and the foundation of the Theta Healing® Technique
· The power of the thoughts and the words
· Cellular and DNA communication
· The 5 types of brainwaves
· Theta State the subconscious’ door
· Electromagnetic field in human body
· Energetic cuts in our field
· The Chakras, the kundalini and the psychic centers
· Visualization – the power of our 3rd eye
· Meditation: How to Go Up to the Seventh Plane
– 21.30h Welcome Dinner Onboard the Catamaran


– 7.30h Delicious Breakfast
– 8.30h THETA HEALING® Basic DNA Class:Opening Day:Praying
Today you will learn and practice:
· Theta Healing® Meditation
· How the technique works with any religions or disciplines
· First Reading Exercise
· Opening of the Psychic Centers
– 10.30h 30min Break and class continues until lunch time
· Healing, self-healing and it principles
· Unconcditional Love Group Healing
· How to Muscle Test in one-self and others
· Four Level Beliefs
– 14h Lunch time onboard
– 16.30h Time off in Illetes: siesta,water sports, beach strolls… 21.30h Dinner time at Formentera


– 7.30h Delicious Breakfast
– 8.30h THETA HEALING® Basic DNA Class:Opening Day: Praying
Today you will learn and practice:
· 4 Levels of Belief Shorcut
· Theta Healing® Session
· How to Create Feelings
· How to Loof for Beliefs Exercise
– 10.30h 30min Break and class continues until lunch time
· Resentment work how to let it go
· Manifestation Exercise
· Guardian Angels Exercise
· Soul Fragments Exercise
– 14.30h Lunch time onboard in Cala Sahona
– 15.30h Time off. Fancy a siesta, water sports, beach strolls…
– 19.30h Optional trip with scooters to Mola Market where to enjoy the arts and crafts of the island and listen to some live music. Free dinner at the island


– 8.30h THETA HEALING® Basic DNA Class: Opening Day: Praying
Today you will learn and practice:
· Future Reading
· DNA Activation
· Soul Fragments
· Animal Healing
– 10.30h 30min Break and class continues until lunch time
· How to adjust and balance hormones
· Different types of bacteria, virus, fungi…
· Serets of an Intuitive Session
· Closing Day
– 14.30h Lunch time onboard
– 16 h Free time at Espalmador. Trip to land to get to know the mud baths area and this amazing private island, unique in the world!
– 21 h Farewell Dinner onboard in Es Palmador area


– 7.30h Day Opening
· Praying Circle to begin and bless the day
· Healing Meditation to send unconditional love
– 9.30h Delicious Breakfast
– 10h Practice readings Theta Healing® of 30min between students
– 12h Sailing towards Ibiza
– 13h Arrival to Ibiza

ThetaHealing® Theta Brain State

Theta is the state of mind where it is believed you can create everything and change reality instantly. Where you can really access to your subconscious mind and change your limiting beliefs.
There are five main frequency brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. These brain waves are in constant motion, the brain produces consistent waves at all frequencies.
Everything you do or say is regulated by the frequency of brain waves. When we talk to others, forexample, our mind is in Beta. The Beta wave has a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. Beta is the state in which you are active and alert.

In a Alpha state, your brain waves move at a frequency between 7-14 cycles per second. The frequency of Alpha is a mental state of deep relaxation and meditation. Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. Wave Alpha governs daydreams, fantasy, and denotes a state of consciousness detached and relaxed. People who have problems with this frequency will have difficulty in remembering. For example, are you aware of a particular dream or meditation that was very deep, but do not come to mind the details, it means you have not generated sufficient frequency in Alpha. You had no bridge between the subconscious and the conscious mind.
Theta State is a state of very deep relaxation; it is used in hypnosis and during REM Sleep. The brain waves are slowed down at a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. Theta brain waves can be considered the subconscious; they govern the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious and retain memories and feelings. Also direct your beliefs and your behavior. Theta waves are always creative, characterized by feelings of inspiration and very spiritual. Theta is the first stage of the phase when we dream. Theta State is a very powerful state. It can be compared to that kind of trance where you can find children when they are playing with video games.Another example of the Theta state is that of those who walk on hot coals without getting burned.
Delta is the state of mind when you’re in a deep sleep. In Delta brain waves are slowed down to a frequency that varies between 0-4 cycles per second. is the wave that you use when the phone rings and you already know who’s calling.
Gamma waves appear to be involved in higher brain activity, in which are included the perception and consciousness.
Scientists have discovered that certain brain wave frequencies (especially the Alpha and Theta) may:
1. Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction in people prone to anxiety states.
2. Facilitate a deep physical relaxation and mental clarity
3. Increase verbal ability and also the performance IQ, verbal.
4. Better synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain.
5. Recall mental images live and spontaneous imaginative and creative thinking. 6. Reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins.

After years working as an Exhibition Designer in different countries, Neus decided to begin her journey into wellness and self-knowledge through massage and transpersonal psychotherapy. Interested in naturopathy and meditation and focused in releasing her migraines Neus attended countless seminars over the last 5 years in the area of personal development, holistic health, wealth creation and spiritual development.

A natural intuitive and highly sensitive empath Neus found her life path through Theta Healing® meditation technique and now She is driven by her passion in seeing clients and guide them combining physical, spiritual, emotional and energy healing to see them blossom from within. Neus is an entrepeneur that truly believes that her greatest gift is to be able to help another person achieve best health, goals, dreams and desires.

Neus is founder at Ventura Therapies. Member of THINK Theta Healing® Institute of Knowledge USA, the MTI Massage Training Institute UK, the CNHC Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council UK.


Theta Healing® Instructor (Seminars Basic and Advance DNA, Dig Deeper and Manisfesting Abundance) THINK Theta Healing® Institute of Knowledge USA
Theta Healing® Practitioner THINK Theta Healing® Institute of Knowledge Myofascial Advanced Seminar for foot, ankle and knee issues
Jing Advanced Massage Academy
Holistic Massage Diploma NVQ Level 4
MTI Massage Training Institute
Biomedicine Diploma: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Naturopathy. CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine
Seated Acupressure Massage Diploma and Kobido Japanese Facial Massage

This course will open your intuitive centers and chakras as you connect to the Divine Source Energy for readings and healings. We will guide you through deep theta meditation to silence your mind and access your subconscious mind.

In this course you will discover and learn:
· The 5 brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta
· Learn the Theta Healing® technique by accessing the Theta brain wave, the chakras and connecting to the Creating Energy that exists in all things
· Activating your intuition. Energetically scanning the human body and understanding energetic blocks
· Muscle testing of held beliefs through Applied Kinesiology
· How to identify and instantly change limiting beliefs on the Core, Genetic, History and Soul Levels
· Learn how to make your life what you want it to be and easily manifest it · To recognize the 7 planes of existence and the Divine Source Energy
· Learn and receive the Youth and Vitality DNA Activation

This class is 75% hands-on, so you leave knowing how to use the ThetaHealing technique for yourself and others. The Basic DNA Practitioner course certifies you as a ThetaHealing Practitioner.
Prerequisite: None required. Any ages are welcome.
Includes: Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing® book and manual and Neus PDF class presentation for you <3
Certification: You will be certified as a Theta Healing DNA Basic Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

– Flights to Ibiza
– 2 dinners in Formentera Restaurants
– Scooter or bike rental if desired

15% discount until June 1st!! 1.750€ 1487,5€ per person, 3.500€ 2975€ per cabin.

This course will open your intuitive centers and chakras as you connect to the Divine Source Energy for readings and healings at the sea. We will guide you through deep theta meditation to silence your mind and access your subconscious mind. This is the begining of your best version of yourself.

Are you ready to become love in the sea?
Are you ready to become Theta Healing® Practitioner in the Greenboat?

The value of the Course is 350E and it is already included in the total investment.
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