MªJose Mochón and J.Miguel Gisbert

from june 29th to july 2nd, 2017

When you start to feel like the depth of sexual intercourse has stopped filling your heart and body. When you feel that your sexuality should far exceed a mere embrace of satisfaction … then the time has come to enter the Tantric way. Tantra is perhaps the word that most arises misunderstandings in the New Age ways … TANTRA!

Some directly recall the most passionate nights, the most ardent women or the most resistant men in the fusion of the sacred bed ; nothing further from reality.

If you want to feel again that connection that once united you or if you simply want to experience a deep connection with the person you love, we offer you the unique and exceptional retreat that you deserve, during which you will be able to awake the sacred and divine connection that is between two beings who love each other.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done tantra. During this retreat we will guide you in a practical and simple way, so that this clean approach, empty of the judgments that can daily tarnish a relationship, can occur between you two. It is time to make a quality leap in your intimate relationships.

Intimate relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Intimate relationships often speak to us about our unresolved wounds, because they are often accompanied by unnecessary pain. We all face similar challenges in our intimacy. During this retreat, you will have the possibility to change your way of understanding love and attraction forever. The tantra is a way of life, it doesn’t only refer to sex as we understand it, and it refers to life itself and therefore refers to sexual energy because it is the basic energy from which everything is born. The cells of your being, of your body, are sexual and therefore our human mind turns and creates from this sexual energy.

We know a lot about sex. We have read a lot, we have been told a lot, but we don’t really know it. I mean all the potentiality of sex that we have hardly touched.

Surely you have experienced the sexual act but with a lot of obstacles such as remorse, repression, guilt, embarrassment or haste or relief … rarely so with the necessary sensitivity, which is why we don’t know, we have never understood it.

Only a deep sensitivity can understand sex ; a single deep experience and feeling can make you understand everything. Are you open and ready to receive this gift?

The place where we will spend this unique and unrepeatable retreat is a catamaran. The “Greenboat”, a fantastic 54-foot sailboat with 5 double cabins designed taking into account its sustainability, the use of renewable energy and waste management. Each cabin is composed of a large double bed and a private bathroom.
On board you will enjoy a different vacation in an unequaled environment, sailing the best coves of the Pitusas, with ecological and detox food included and an endless amount of water toys (several SUP tables, snorkel equipment, wake board, knee board …). The catamaran comes with Organic Sailing team, Guillem the skipper and Amparo the sailor / cook who will accompany you during the week and assist you in anything you need.

All the food used to prepare the meals during the retreat is 100% ecological, seasonal and mostly local.


– 4:00pm. Boarding at an Ibiza beach (exact point to be confirmed).
– 5:00pm. Welcome. Presentations and opening of the circle. Healthy snack on board as we sail to Formentera, island of Espalmador, where we will anchor to spend the first night of the retreat.
– 8:00pm: Pranayama, commitment and meditation.
– 9:30pm. Dinner aboard on this magical island.
– 10:30pm. Reading after dinner, sharing.


– 7.00am. White Tantra. Kundalini Yoga.
– 9.00am. Breakfast.
– 10.00am. Pink Tantra. Awakening of the senses.
– 12.30am. Sailing to Sahona cove. Free time.
– 2.30pm. Lunch on board.
– 4.00pm. Free time. Excursion with the zodiac to the secret caves of cala Sahona that are only accessible from the sea.
– 6.00pm. Introduction to personal lying and Daka / Dakini.
– 8.00pm. Dakini sexual heal.
– 10.00pm. Dinner on board.


– 7.00am. Kriva of Venus on the beach.
– 9.00am. Breakfast.
– 10.00am. Red Tantra. Tantric massage.
– 12.30am. Sailing to ILLETES, named one of the best 10 beaches in the world. Free time.
– 2.30pm. Lunch on board.
– 4.00pm. Free time. Possibility to go down to the beach of Illetes and discover the two sides of the island.
– 6.00pm. Levels of awareness in the couple.
– 8.00pm. Daka sexual heal.
– 10.00pm. Free farewell dinner in Formentera, Sabina restaurant (vegan options available)


– 8.00am. Breakfast.
– 9.00am. Circle of closure and celebration.
– 10.00am. Free time.
– 2.00pm. Lunch.
– 3.00pm. Sailing back to Ibiza.
– 4.00pm. Arrival ashore.

– Open your heart, feel and activate your energy, find your inner calm, quiet down your inner dialogue.
– Know yourself; explore your sensuality through your body.
– Embrace your contradictions and your emotions so that you can relate to the other from your center with love.
– Intimacy with your partner. Experience a deep connection with the person you love.
– Know and understand how the feminine and masculine energies that move within you and your partner are working.
– Rediscover your full potential and connect with the joy of living with happiness, fullness and freedom.
– 4 days during which you will be guided through different techniques and teachings of the tantric and yoga tradition in order to dive into the depths of love.

– The tantra retreat
3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners on board. All the food that is used to prepare the meals during the retreat are 100% ecological, seasonal and mostly local.
Accommodation of the couple in private cabin, with double bed and private bathroom.
– Use of the water toysandwater sports
(SUP, donuts, snorkel, wake board, knee board and dinghy for going to the beaches)
Navigation Sailing through the best coves of Formentera.

– Flights to Ibiza
– 1 dinner of your choice in Formentera

We are Mª José and Jose Miguel (Dara and Sunie). We are tantric by experience rather than by training. We met in 2005 during one of the training courses in transpersonal psychology of the School of Navigators. We looked at each other and our souls met again. Few things we know then about Tantra, but the experience of such a connection, the first of many, made us understand what the tantric way was. Life gave us such beautiful moments that we began to investigate about tantra and the respiratory and energy work.

It’s a constant discovery. We both know that there is a huge door to the transcendence in conscious sexuality, to the expansion of consciousness, to the awakening of creativity and to the most absolute security in oneself.
We want to share with you everything we know.

José Miguel Gisbert

Consciousness Remover and Kundalini Yoga Instructor according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Trained in Konscious Breathing Techniques, Deep Relaxation and Meditation. Trained in Transpersonal and Spiritual Intelligence. Graduated in BioNeuroEmotion by the Spanish Institute of BNE. Enric Corbera Institute.

I am interested in Wellness and Health and I am an explorer of the wonderful Art of Living. I combine my intense family activity with the practice of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the speaker directed to the awakening of Consciousness. I am also an Architect and a Technical Architect working for the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Mª José Mochón

Primary teacher. Transpersonal psychologist. Degree in Psychology from the University of Granada. With training in Systemic Family Therapy. Doula. Specialized in the vital processes of women: menstruation, sexuality, maternity and menopause. Author of the creative book: of your pregnancy. All in all, my best school has been my motherhood. The ones I’m learning the most from are my five children. It’s this maternal process that has led me to discover my cycles, my body, my tides, my sexuality, the polarity between feminine and masculine…

I LOVE THE GODDESS. She beats every day in my heart and my purpose in this life is none other than to smooth her the way within me, within you and within humanity. I feel visionary and I know with absolute certainty that the time has come for the sacred feminine. It’s time to wake it up. I know it’s the feminine that shall restore the LOVE ON THE EARTH and I am happy to have incarnated as a woman.

€ 1.300 per person, (€2,600 per couple and cabin).

Enjoy this unique opportunity to discover the magic of the islands, the starry nights from the sailboat, the paradise sunrises and sunsets in a privileged environment. A few dreamy days to celebrate and reconnect with the person you love.

If it’s not now, then when? Don’t you think you deserve it?

note: this activity will be conducted in Spanish, both teachers (M-Jose and Jose Miguel) are Spanish speakers, but the captain or hostess will be available for translating the teachings into English if need.