Natalia Restrepo

8 – 12 June 2017

Organic Sailing along with Natalia J.Restrepo created this wonderful retreat dedicated to couples and especially women who are looking for health for their reproductive system and understand that healing it also heals their creative, reproductive, emotional and physical energy. The sea is the catalyst per excellence. Source of prana or vital energy, cleaning, purifying and detoxifying, sea water has unequaled energy properties.
During the retreat we will benefit from its healing capacity, since we will sail during the 5 days through the best bays of Formentera and sleep on board the catamaran, enjoying the starry skies this experience will offer us.
During the day, Natalia will teach a fertility course focused on women’s reproductive sexual health. In addition, there will be yoga classes, a fertility feeding workshop and free time to enjoy the most crystalline waters of the Mediterranean and the beautiful villages of Formentera.

The immersion will begin by treating imbalances that create infertility, such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, blocked tubes and anemia.
Then we will discuss the female sexual energy and how to activate it with delicious recipes and small changes of habits in the everyday life. And lastly, a home remedy workshop for all the difficulties that a woman can face concerning her reproductive system, such as Bartholin´s, vaginal infections, lack of libido, mucosa, menstrual cramps, etc. After her career treating with women in their process of fertility and healing of sexuality, Natalia has become a reference for all women seeking internal health, female connection and natural motherhood.

The week on board will be spent on the catamaran of Organic Sailing. The “Greenboat”, a fantastic 54-foot sailboat with 5 double cabins designed taking in consideration its sustainability, the use of renewable energy and waste management. The catamaran is a Nautitech 54.2 of 2013, completely new, in an incredible shape.
On board you will enjoy a different vacation in an unequaled environment, sailing the best bays of the Pitusas, with ecological and detox food included and an endless amount of “water toys” (several SUP tables, snorkel equipment, wake board, knee board …). The catamaran comes with Organic Sailing team, Guillem the skipper and Amparo the sailor / cook.
All the food used to prepare the meals during the retreat is 100% ecological, seasonal and mostly local.


– 4pm: Boarding in a beach near the airport in the south of Ibiza, such as SALINAS or POROIG (we will confirm the exact point of boarding two days before the departure)
– 5pm: Reception, distribution of cabins and healthy welcome cocktail. Presentations, sharing of the planning for the week and navigation to Formentera. If the weather allows us, we will anchor at Illetes, named one of the 10 best beaches in the world.
– 5:30pm: SESSION 1 OF THE COURSE WITH NATALIA RESTREPO: Fertility, energy and health for women.
– 8pm: Sunset yoga on the deck with Natalia.
– 9:30m: Welcome dinner on the sailboat.
– 10:30pm: Round table with Natalia. Questions and answers followed by discussion about fertility.


– 8:00am: Morning Yoga with Natalia on the beach, receiving all the energy from the islands.
– 9:30am: Delicious detox breakfast
– 10:30am: Free time in Illetes: water activities, walk on the beach …
– 12:00am: SESSION 2 of the course on female energy, women’s health, fertility
– 3:00pm: Lunch on board
– 4:30pm: Nap, relax, reading or walk on the beach. FREE TIME!
– 7:30pm: Sunset yoga on the deck with Natalia
– 9:00pm: Free dinner in Formentera. We will disembark at La Savina where there are a variety of restaurants, local fish and / or fusion as well as vegan and very healthy options.


– 8:00am: Morning Yoga with Natalia on the beach
– 9:30am: Breakfast and sailing to Cala Saona.
– 11:00am: free time
– 12:00am: SESSION 3 of the course on female energy, women’s health, fertility
– 3:00pm: Lunch
– 4:00pm: Free time in Cala Sahona. We will discover its secret caves with the dinghy and/or Paddle boards. We will see the best spots of the island that are only accessible from the sea!!
– 6:00pm: yoga with Natalia.
– 7:30pm: OPTIONAL excursion on motorcycles to the market of the Mola, where in addition to being able to see the craftsmanship that is produced on the island, there will be live concerts. Free dinner on the island.


– 8:00am: Morning Yoga with Natalia on the beach
– 9:30am: Breakfast and free time in Cala Saona.
– 10:30am: Navigation to Espalmador
– 12:00am: SESSION 4 of the course on female energy, women’s health, fertility
– 3:00pm: Lunch
– 4:00pm: Free time in Espalmador. Shore excursions to mud baths or to discover this private island, unique in the world
– 7:30pm: Sunset yoga on the deck with Natalia
– 9:00pm: Farewell dinner in Espalmador, aboard the catamaran
– 10:30pm: Round table with time for questions and answers followed by a discussion about fertility with Natalia


– 8:00am: Morning Yoga with Natalia on the beach.
– 9:30am: Breakfast and sailing to Ibiza.
– 10:30am: Free time. Activity in the water.
– 12:00am: SESSION 5 of the course on female energy, women’s health, fertility. Retreat closure with Natalia.
– 3:00pm: Lunch
– 4:00pm: Arrival ashore

– 8 yoga and meditation classes. Each morning we’ll start the day with yoga on the beach, receiving the energy of the morning, when there is still nobody on the beaches of the island, and in the afternoon, at early evening, we will also farewell the day with another yoga class, this time on the boat deck.
– 5 Course sessions on fertility, health and energy for women (a daily session)
– 4 breakfasts, 4 lunchs and 2 dinners on board. Natalia will be especially responsible for designing menus with the aim of detoxifying, nourishing and nurturing our creative energy.
– Work files and documents
– Accommodation in cabins for 2 people, with double bed and private bathroom.
– Use of the water toys (SUP, donut, snorkel, wake board, knee board and dinghy to go to the beaches)
– Sailing through the best bays and coves of Formentera, we will anchor every night on a different beach.
– Possibility of conducting a private consultation with Natalia Restrepo on fertility and health for women. (Cost not included)

– Flights to Ibiza
– 2 dinners of your choice in Formentera
– Bicycle or scooter rental on SUNDAY (optional)

€ 1,800 per person in passenger cabin shared with the accompanying guest. (€ 3,600 per cabin)

live this unique opportunity! To enjoy the magic of the islands, the starry nights from the sailboat and a dreamy few days while you learn how to detoxify your body, reconnect with yourself and enhance your creative energy.

The theme of the course for fertility and feminine energy is designed for women, so during the 5 sessions of the course, if your partner came along with you to the retreat, an alternative activity will be offered to them each day.
This program is only for Spanish speakers as all the classes with theory contents will be taught in Spanish.