We offer a new kind of sailing experience

GreenBoat is not all about sailing, but supporting an overall healthy lifestyle. Our approach to facilitate a healthy lifestyle starts on board: we prepare well balanced menus using always organic ingredients and super foods.Through the fusion of healthy meals and unspoiled nature, in harmony with sea and wind, you will be filled with new life energy. Delicious, locally sourced and organic meals will be cooked on board.


Extremely comfortable sleeping cabins will give you many hours of sack time, stable boat will give you a relaxing feeling at sea. There are 4 available cabins for your convenience, so you can share any moment with friends and family, and the water activities such as snorkling, swimming or scuba-diving will make your holidays in the greenboat a memorable life experience. Get energized every single day.


We aim for a a responsible tourism, so we try to make a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations we travel to. One of our missions is to perfect the personal leisure travel experience whilst at the same time, managing our activities in a sustainable way.

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Sustainable Tourism is simply about making a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations we travel to by:

  • Respecting local cultures and the natural environment
  • Buying local, giving fair economic returns to local families
  • Recognising that water and energy are precious resources that we need to usecarefully
  • Helping to protect endangered wildlife
  • Protecting and enhancing favourite destinations for the future enjoyment ofvisitors and the people who live there
  • Taking responsibility for our actions while enjoying ourselves.

Wind Power

Sailing is inherently sustainable. Using wind to travel from island to island is the most environmentally friendly way to travel around the Balearic Islands. There is no noise pollution or engine emissions while sailing, so we try as much as possible to use the wind for sailing from one spot to the next one.

We love the destinations we sail and the people who live there. To protect their futures, we use local labour and suppliers, biodegradable cleaning products and innovative products such as solar panels, a windmill and LED lighting. By minimising negative social, economic and environmental impacts, we hope to preserve these amazing destinations for generations to come.